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EA Global Korea is an international e-commerce based business located in Seoul, South Korea, that is dedicated to providing our customers worldwide with the products and services that relate to the stone fabrication and construction industries. With over 20 years of experience, we have dedicated our time and effort into maintaining strong relationships with manufacturers all over the world to provide our customers with exceptional products and an economical price point. With careful speculation of research and development, our diamond tools are engineered with the highest quality diamonds and the construction side of our business has been engineered with heavy duty material to make material handling safe and efficient. We have diligently created an exclusive line of ‘Dia Plus’ diamond products and our own line of router machines known as ‘AMIGO’. ‘Dia Plus’ and ‘AMIGO’ have been introduced into the USA market, proven to be one of the renowned names in the industry. In addition, we carry the top trust name brand manufacturers all over the world such as Alpha Professional Tools, Aardwolf, Abaco, MK Diamond, HTC Floor Systems, Makita, Omega Diamond and much more. We are the North American distributors for Aardwolf, an Australian company based out of Vietnam, which manufactures heavy duty lifting and handling equipment. Our office in Korea will make EA Global Korea’s goal is to inform and educate our clientele the importance of what the stone fabrication and construction industry holds in the many years to come. You will see our product selection is huge and carry almost any type of product known to this industry. We have ventured off into different industries of the stone and construction products to meet those demands of consumers to make their jobs more easy and efficient. With our strong relationships with top manufacturers around the world, we are able to source anything you need and guarantee the best quality products for the most economical pricing to expand into the European and Asian markets; those markets who have not yet been exposed deeply into this field. EA Global Korea is dedicated to making the success of your business as easy and efficient as possible.


EA Global Korea 회사는 세계적으로 Stone Fabrication 과 Construction Industries 제공하고 한국 서울에 위치하고 있습니다.


지난 20년의 경험으로, 뛰어난 제품과 경제적인 가격으로 고객에게 제공하기 위해 시간과 노력을 다하고 있습니다.


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